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Her outlook seemed like something from the Dark Ages.

But I soon realised it is a view that is still widely shared.

And we're not doing it - never have and, unless the proverbial pigs start flying, never will.

Instead of never seeing each other again, we got through the small awkward moment and our friendship went from strength to strength.

But I find their inability to countenance the idea that two mature adults of the opposite sex can be just good friends as weird, unbelievable and highly suspicious.Initially, I had assumed that those who shared Harry's point of view hailed from a generation in which women stayed home to raise children and men went out to work, and never the twain did meet. I remember an aunt expressing her disapproval and disbelief that I was 'allowing' my then boyfriend, who was a musician, to go on tour without me.I laughed off her implication that my boyfriend was not only my possession who should be kept on a leash, but also a man and therefore interested primarily in spreading his seed.The reason platonic friendships are so taboo is, I think, partly because our popular culture propagates all sorts of myths and stereotypes about men and women, and sex and friendships.Among these are that men only want to talk about football and politics, and aren't interested in 'trivial female subjects'. My male friends worry about exactly the same things as my female ones - about meeting the right person; their ambivalence about having children; their unrealised dreams; the rather large gulf between expectations and reality.

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  1. when i bought my first computer i signed up with a local service provider and checked out the chats,i was not impressed.still after all these years i'm still not impressed.people are still people if you can call them that, regardless of the medium cb- ham radio or online the ones i ran into in the chats were quite loose with the keys if you know what i the millions of years we have been on this rock technology has grown by leaps and bounds but socially were are still in the dark still have that neanderthal mindset food sex entertainment,it's just a shame that some have taken it upon themselves to not use the technology wisely and sit ther at the screen and grunt,eat,fart,and say wow cool look at that chick or dood.i as a human can't understand how in gods name we could have advanced technologically yet socially we are the same as we were thousands of years would think the human race would have adavanced at the same rate socially as well as technologically and we wouldnt have to worry about our children being harrased by perverts- (neanderthals)i'm sure many of you have run into the person in a chat that bombards everyone with asl we are in a public forum such as a mall or an auditorium for a paticular function do we stand around and ask each other asl???